1. woodmeat:


    when you see a fat ass

    jared a fool fa this 1


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    oh yeah, with the new size limit for .gifs this thing can finally be posted

    what the fuck

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    wombat riding turtle

    the animal kingdom is a strange and beautiful place

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  5. xpalexliesx:

    if i fall asleep talking to you it means i really love you

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    Are kangaroos like mad stoners or what

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  8. aztec420:

    when a girl make u feel some type of way


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    An important purchase

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    Yudy Sauw

    Macro photographs of insects eyes

    Wiki on Ommatidia

    Pro tip: Many insect-pollinated flowers contain ultraviolet pigments that only their pollinating insects (and perhaps birds) can see. Many flowers are more strikingly coloured in the UV than in the visible spectrum. Furthermore, markings, visible only in the UV, act as taxi markers to guide the landed insects to the pollen and nectar food rewards. via